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Why Choose Mobile Grooming


Grooming sessions typically take an hour per pet, so your pet isn't sitting in a cage at a salon all day waiting to be finished. However, things such as condition of coat, health, age and temperament may factor in the amount of time taken for the service to be completed. 


No need to take time out of your busy day to load your critters in the car and drive to the salon... the salon comes to you, fully equipped with plenty of water and power, and fully climate controlled with a powerful AC/heating unit in the work area.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Your pet receives personal attention and care from one person who does the entire groom start to finish, in a calm and quiet environment, which is perfect for pets with a history of anxiety in salons. Also, your pet is NEVER put in a cage or kennel!

Services and Pricing


We are a cruelty free company - we do not dematt pets. If your pet has matts or tangles they will be cut out, spot shaved or your pet may be shaved down completely. Dematting is a painful and cruel process that entails pulling and ripping the tangles and matts from your pet's skin. 

How to Prepare For Your Mobile Grooming Appointment

You will be given a window of time when your groomer will arrive. Please ensure that there is someone present or some sort of arrangement where payment is left and the groomer can easily access your pet. Make sure there is ample space for the grooming vehicle to park for the duration of the service. Also, make sure the vehicle won't be blocking a neighbor's driveway, or parked illegally. We try our best to avoid blocking driveways, however if a driveway has to be blocked, it will be yours. We may need to pluck in. Make sure it is safe and legal to park, for these reasons, we are unable to service some apartment/condo/townhome/mobile home complexes.

Payment is due, in full, at time of service, no exceptions.  Any returned checks will incur a fee of $30.

For insurance reasons, customers are not permitted inside the vehicle at any time.


Call or Text  (909) 963-9080 (Text is recommended)

Clever Cats and Canines Mobile Pet Grooming

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